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ESports competitions against professional players of video games on FIFA or Counter-Strike have become very popular and especially very popular on the Internet in terms of audience. Large international sports betting sites (Pinnacle, Bet365, Betway) then began to offer odds on eSports matches. Instead of betting on a sports match, some punters prefer to bet on teams whose professional players are behind a screen. Less publicized (and therefore less well paid), more and more stars of the world of eSport attract the attention of the average players. For the latter, watching a match in streaming is another way to be entertained when they do’t really want to play. It’s also an opportunity to learn while observing the best players.

Can we make bets on eSports competitions in European countries?

After sports betting in the early 2010s, it is now the turn of the Fantasy Leagues to be officially regulated by the ARJEL since the spring of 2016. Fantasy Leagues are considered bets grouped according to the Authority of regulation of the games in line, operators can then offer other games to its customers. To know all about the Fantasy League, do not hesitate to consult our article dedicated to this simulation. Will eSport follow the same destiny as Fantasy Leagues in the next few years? More and more operators are interested in eSport and could propose different partnership agreements and develop platforms. Before all this, the eSport must be added to the list of operations authorized by the ARJEL.

It is also necessary to know that France is the country number 1 on the tests of eSport. Since 2003, French players are ahead (far ahead of the Americans) and are mostly real professionals. France is also the country that organizes the ESWC (Electronic Sports World Convention), one of the most important events of the eSport which brings together more than 53 States with many competitions. A possible regulation on the part of the ARJEL should therefore put eSport well ahead with partnerships and competitions, and especially an officialization of the sport that is becoming more fashionable.

Betting on sites outside ARJEL, is it a good idea or a bad idea?

Sport betting sites are aware of the phenomenon of eSports, which they have seen develop in international competitors. Only sports bets are allowed, and only on sites that have been approved by ARJEL. As a reminder, the Authorization to regulate online games also aims to inform and protect players. Since eSport is not recognized as a sport, betting on it is forbidden but not illegal.

Indeed, when you bet on a foreign site, you do not risk being pursued. By cons, if you have a dispute with a bookmaker in relation to your personal data, you can not return to the ARJEL and assert your rights. In addition, large foreign sports betting operators relatively secure and offering eSports are inaccessible from Europe.

Players often take risks and fall back on sites that are not always reliable and that can disappear from one moment to the next. For a bookmaker to offer sports bets to players residing in European countries, the operator must hold an agreement with the ARJEL and a website whose domain name ends with fr. Bookmakers outside ARJEL do not have the right to accept players domiciled on soil. To register with a foreign operator, it will certainly change VPN and connect from another country. In short, a real headache if you do not know anything about computers. More and more players are also attracted to betting sites outside ARJEL because they offer more interesting odds than authorized sites and other features such as watching streaming games.

About authorized operators authorized by the ARJEL, they are the only option for your sports bets and maybe your paris in eSports. In addition to their legality on the European market and their services, bookmakers can offer you significant bonuses and a very wide choice of forecasts. In summary, if you want to bet in eSport, you know what you have to do: take your trouble in patience if you want to stay in the law.

Finally, in case you want to train, we advise you to go to the site Parions eSport. The FDJ has recently released an interface that allows you to earn points when you make bets. The best-performing players in the top 10 places in the overall standings or the first 3 places in the standings will be rewarded with numerous esport items such as t-shirts, jackets, cups, or caps. eSports teams.