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ESport betting

The esports bets have appeared quite recently and it is possible to bet money on major video games competitions. Only some sites have decided to open to this discipline and they are, for the most part, American. ESport betting offers are expected to grow significantly in the next few years. New sites will certainly follow suit and make this new gaming option available to their players. However, in Europe, the discipline of competitive video games is still little known to the general public and it is still in its infancy. And in terms of online betting, France still has no operator licensed by the ARJEL (Regulatory Authority of Online Games). For that, it will be necessary to go to the side of England, the United States or even of Russia. France is more and more interested in eSports and a law favoring the organization of better supervised tournaments has just been approved.

Betting on eSports is actually very simple and similar to the usual sports betting. You can choose between different events in the world of electronic sport such as world championships, European championships or national championships (LOL sports betting, CSGO betting, Dota 2 sports betting, Fortnite sports betting, sports betting Rocket League, sports betting PUBG). All these esport events are associated with several types of bets. And finally, all these types of bets are associated odds as at bookmaker Circus. To bet on this discipline of competitive video games, it is necessary to bet money on a type of bet whose odds will determine the amount of your winnings. And to win, the selected bet must be fair, that is to say that the condition required by the bet is correct.

Simple bet: as its name suggests, it’s the simplest. You just have to bet on the victory of one or the other team

Combined bet: In this case, you will combine several events between them and thus multiply several odds between them. You win if and only if all the events are right. Gains associated with combined bets are often higher than for single bets. However, it is harder to win because the risk is higher. You have the opportunity to bet at Unibet and take the Unibet Bonus.

Live betting: in the same way as for the sport, it is possible to bet live for the electronic sport. You can bet during matches. Odds change and change throughout the course of the match.

“Special” bets:

  • Paris on the number of “kills” made by a particular player (LOL, CS GO, etc.).
  • Paris on the number of defusing bombs (CSGO).
  • Paris on the number of “full team” (win a round without any member of his team being killed) made by a team (CSGO).
  • Paris on the number of “drakes” captured (LOL).
  • Finally, to bet on the eSport, it is obviously necessary to register on an online betting site where it is possible to bet money on this discipline.